Seven (7) Member Board (Appointed)

  1. Periodically prepares or revises a comprehensive plan and program for the development of it's jurisdiction.
  2. Prepares and recommends for adoption to the appropriate governing authority or authorities as a means for implementing plans and programs.
  3. Establishes principles and policies for guiding action in development of the area.
  4. Prepares and recommends to  Town Council for adoption of ordinances promoting development in accordance with the  Comprehensive Plan.
  5. Determines if specific proposed developments conform to the principles and requirements of the comprehensive plan for growth and improvement of the area.
  6. Reviews and recommends to Town Council any needed changes in the Zoning Chapter and map of the Town of Blythewood.
  1. Keeps Town Council and the general public informed and advised as to all matters brought before the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission Resources