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Video Gallery

Blythewood Traffic Improvement Plan: Blythewood Road at Langford Road Realignment
April 11, 2019

Building Your Richland Library/Blythewood
Our beautiful and spacious Blythewood library is a direct reflection of the traditions and values that distinguish our community and make it a sought after destination to visit, live in, work and raise our families. We know you’ll love the new creative spaces; much needed meeting rooms; and interactive Lego wall. More details at

Black History Month, Stories from Blythewood
By Modos Media/ Ray Smith
With Permission from Blythewood Historical Society & Museum
 February 11, 2017

TOB Exhibition Performance Blythewood High School 
October 15, 2016

Lighting Up Blythewood

Blythewood Doko Rodeo
August 1,  2015

Christmas in Blythewood Fireworks 
December 17, 2014

Tournament of Bands, Blythewood High School

Mid Carolina Rebel Regiment Marching Band-Tournament of Bands
Blythewood High School
October 13, 2012

Town Council Debate 2
January 2012 

Westwood High School 

Balloons, Blues & BBQ
July 4, 2010