Blythewood Schools


A majority of Blythewood schools are located within Richland County School District 2

Richland County School District 2

Mission Statement 

In partnership with our community, Richland School District Two prepares all students for success by providing meaningful, challenging, and engaging learning experiences.

Beliefs Four squares of success

The Four Squares: Learning, Character, Community and Joy are at the heart of our district and school goals, objectives and strategies.

Learning is the cornerstone on which all that we do in Richland Two is built. Educating our students is the highest priority for the district. We strive to provide an innovative environment to allow our students the opportunities to thrive both in and out of the classroom. The other three squares help to support this key square.

Character for both our students and staff are the building blocks to a great education. Character in our staff sets the example for our students which in turn creates positive productive members of our society. Without character learning would not be possible.

Public schools cannot go it alone. We know the power of working with our entire Community — parents, taxpayers, businesses, faith-based organizations, government entities and elected officials. These and many other partners all play an essential role in the education of our students. Working together, we provide the real-world knowledge our students need to be productive members of society.

What is success without celebration? We believe that honoring our accomplishments and sharing in the Joy of a job well done promotes future success. Just as fans revel in a game won, our Richland Two family should take time to revel in the great achievements made by our students and staff. A joyful environment produces happy and productive people who embrace innovation and learning. 

Richland Two has a proven history of offering excellent programs in academics, athletics and the arts. We believe that there is a direct correlation between the quality of work students are asked to do and their willingness to do it. By providing every child the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways and to demonstrate their learning to their peers, teachers, parents and community, we have established the foundation they need to carry their love for learning beyond their years with us. From the classroom to the boardroom, we are creating the Richland School District Two framework, focused on engaging work.

Richland Two serves more than 27,000 students in 40 locations throughout the district: 19 elementary schools, seven middle schools, five high schools, five magnet centers, one district-wide child development center and two alternative schools. Our newest schools are built to LEED specifications.

We take pride in the knowledge that more than a dozen of the district’s instructional and extracurricular programs for K-12 have served as models for those developed in other districts. The district offers an array of magnet programs whose focus ranges from science and technology to leadership and entrepreneurial pursuits and more. Richland Two also has an adult, continuing and technology center. We strive to utilize the latest technology including SMART Boards, iPads, netbooks and student-owned electronic devices to enhance the learning experiences for our students.

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