The Doko Meadows Commemorative Tree Project

The Doko Meadows Commemorative Tree Project

The Blythewood Garden Club was founded In the month of May 1953 when a group of twenty-five ladies living in the Blythewood area decided to organize a community garden club.  The inaugural meeting took place in the Blythewood School where the official charter and club name were established.  The founding members of the newly established Blythewood Garden Club elected Mrs. T. H. Wilds as the first club president, Mrs. Aaron Branham the vice-president and Miss Ann Rorer as secretary-treasurer. 

On April 20, 1955, the new Blythewood Garden Club presented its first flower show at the Blythewood School Gymnasium.  Hundreds of Blythewood residents attended the show which eventually became an annual event for the club.  Over the past sixty years the club has also sponsored many community beautification and improvement projects.   Some of these projects include the establishment and maintenance of roadside parks, planting shrubbery at area schools and the Blythewood community center and other special road-side beautification projects. 

The Blythewood Garden Club continues its commitment to encourage and promote community beautification, good gardening habits and a community-wide appreciation for the environment and our shared responsibility to protect it for future generations to enjoy.  Some of the current Blythewood Garden Club projects include: The Plant it Pink program which establishes plantings of pink flowers and flowering shrubs to increase an awareness of Breast Cancer, a special initiative to beautify public buildings through the planting of flowers around the Richland County Library and U.S. Post Office, the establishment of the Carolina Fence Garden at the historic Langford Nord House and the annual donation and decoration of the Christmas Tree for Langford Nord House. 

The Town of Blythewood is delighted to partner with the Blythewood Garden Club to provide the opportunity for individuals, families and organizations to adopt a tree at the beautiful Doko Meadows Park to commemorate a special person, or occasion.

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