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Comprehensive Town Plan



 Comprehensive Plan (2015)


Comprehensive Plan (2008)


Comprehensive Plan Work Progress


Master Plan

 Master Plan Priorities as of June 2016



Design Guidelines & Sustainability Best Practices

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Stakeholders List
* A stakeholder is one who is involved in or affected by a course of action. Since the Master Plan for the future growth and development of Blythewood mediates among the preferences of many diverse stakeholder groups and individuals, the names on this list represent participation in the planning process, but not necessarily endorsement of the results.

Zoning Map


 Ordinance 2012.007 Establishing Town Center District

As part of the implementation of the adopted Town of Blythewood Master Plan, Town Council is considering this zoning text amendment that would affect all commercially-zoned properties in Blythewood.  This zoning text amendment will be accompanied by a corresponding zoning map amendment, both of which have been recommended by the Planning Commission.
Pages 1 through 90 are proposed to replace the existing Zoning Chapter text for the NC Neighborhood Commercial, OC Office Commercial, and GC General Commercial zoning districts.
Pages 91 through 94 are new definitions for the Zoning Chapter.
Pages 95 through 155 show proposed deletions (red strikethrough text) and insertions (red underlined text) to bring related sections of the existing Zoning Chapter into consistency with this zoning text amendment.
The tan/yellow shading within the document represents the accumulated editorial changes made since the Planning Commission approved the 5/31/11 version at their meeting on 6/6/11.


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